Pre-Order Photography for Writers Today!

Thrilled to share the news that my next book, Photography for Writers, is now available for pre-order! Check out this AWESOME video that Vine Leaves created, featuring my book and some of my photography.

Pre-Order Video

Moment Series--Rise3.jpg

Photography for Writers-- Holding the First Print Copy :)

Super excited for my next book, Photography for Writers, which will be published this November. Stay tuned!

That holding the first author copy feeling! 💕🔥📝📷😭😍💡

Author Photo with Photog for Writers Book 9-19-19.jpg

Now Offering Free Shipping at My Etsy-- New Prints up, Too :)

Pleased to have updated my Etsy shop,Write Path Productions .

I’m now offering free shipping on orders of $35 or more which, to give you an idea, would be one 8 x 10 print or two 5 x 7 prints of your choice.

I’ve also added six of my favorite recent shots I’ve taken, such as these.

Check out all six new prints at: Write Path Productions Prints .

Artifact Razor Closeup Sep3 5-15-19.jpg
Artifact Series Sugar Bowl Smile 3SY 5-14-19.jpg
Moment Series-- Hope against Hope2P  12-08-18.jpg

Publication of 5 Photos from My Artifact Series :)

A new series featuring utilitarian objects that have had great meaning in my life has been published today at The Local Train Magazine.

To catch the first five photos in the series that I started this spring, please visit the magazine link above. More to follow in this series! Stay tuned. ;)

Below, one of my favorites, “Sugar Bowl Smile.”

Artifact Series Sugar Bowl Smile 3SY 5-14-19.jpg

My Nature Photo Published Today at Fourth & Sycamore :)

Thrilled that another photo from my In the Green series appears at Fourth & Sycamore today.

I took this photo during a very fun afternoon walk with the darling nieces and my marvelous sister while visiting Missouri.

The flower was taller than yours truly, which caught my attention. The dancing sunlight on the petals and path also appealed to me.

Fourth&Sycamore submission--In the Green Series--Petals in Kewpie Glade.jpg

Three Clover Keys Published (and an Impromptu Prompt for You)

A photo from my In the Green Series, “Three Clover Keys,” has just been featured today at Fourth & Sycamore.

In the series, I highlight at least one element of the color green in each photo. :) This can be a really fun exercise to give a whirl, both for writers and photographers. To begin: pick a color and integrate it into one element of the next scene, poem, or photo you take. Challenge yourself to include the color in the next three or four pieces you create, altering saturation, hue, or word-descriptors of the shade as you go. Making a series from color-connected pieces is a snap after that.

Fourth&Sycamore submission--In the Green Series--Three Clover Keys.jpg