Photos mentioned in the book:

Photography for Writers

available from Amazon and Vine Leaves Press in November 2019.

  • Photo from the chapter: “Submitting Your Work to Literary Magazines & Other Venues Looking for Photos: Cover Letter Tips.”

  • First published in The Scene and Heard Journal, from the Iseult Series.


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Packed with tips to spark inspiration, prompts to motivate, self-assessments, reflections on the intersection of writing and photography, ideas for crafting a photo series, and advice for sharing your art for fun and for profit as well as marketing your skills, this book is not to be missed.

Chapter topics include: portrait photography, food photography, black and white photography, landscape and travel photography, documenting special occasions, writing about our art, writing fabulous artist/writer bios, a resource list, and much more.


Advance Praise for the Book:

“In Photography for Writers literary professor and published
photographer Melanie Faith will bridge the gap between verbal and visual arts and give you the tools to bring your writing and photography to the next level.

Melanie helps to fill a much needed role with texts in the art field by developing a comprehensive guide that will teach you how to develop an image as one would write prose, and further, how to turn each image into a cohesive body of work that supports your visual and literary journey.

Whether you’re a published author ready to enhance the depth to your work, or a novice unsure of where to begin, Photography for Writers will bring you the expert advice and experience from Melanie’s own class room to create a professional portfolio of your very own.”

Chelsea Patenaude was a previous Art Editor for JuxtaProse Literary Magazine and has had the pleasure of working with Melanie Faith for past Volumes. Having published many of Melanie’s photographs, she is delighted to help welcome this wonderful guide to the Artistic community.

  • Photo from the chapter: “Jolie Laide: Photographing the Unconventionally Beautiful.”