Poem Published at The Trinity Review

Excited to share that a poem from my forthcoming collection, Particle, has just been published at The Trinity Review.

More about the publication: “The Trinity Review is the literary arts publication of Trinity College at the University of Toronto. Active since 1881, the Trinity Review publishes prose, poetry, visual arts and non-fiction work.”

My poem, “Feast,” is a persona poem written from a character’s POV.



Melanie Faith

In the space between a green bruise

And a lucid dream, all milk-heavy stars

I was born. Snow-swept steppes,

Hollow legs. What a way to arrive

In earliest January,

She didn’t read my irony as irony.

Yes, yes she said, a way to crack open

The year like a muskmelon

Burying our faces full, up to the rind

Publication of 5 Photos from My Artifact Series :)

A new series featuring utilitarian objects that have had great meaning in my life has been published today at The Local Train Magazine.

To catch the first five photos in the series that I started this spring, please visit the magazine link above. More to follow in this series! Stay tuned. ;)

Below, one of my favorites, “Sugar Bowl Smile.”

Artifact Series Sugar Bowl Smile 3SY 5-14-19.jpg

My Photographs Published in The Borfski Press, Issue III: Winter 2017

Three photos from my Crave Series were published in the latest edition of The Borfski Press, a full-color, glossy, gorgeous magazine of photography, poetry, and prose. 

For more about The Borfski Press or to order a PDF copy for a few dollars.

My three photos are food themed. Here's a sneak peak. This photo is entitled: "Streaming." My photos are on pages 45-47, but the entire magazine is inspiring and lovely.


Crave Series-- Streaming1.jpg