Now Offering Free Shipping at My Etsy-- New Prints up, Too :)

Pleased to have updated my Etsy shop,Write Path Productions .

I’m now offering free shipping on orders of $35 or more which, to give you an idea, would be one 8 x 10 print or two 5 x 7 prints of your choice.

I’ve also added six of my favorite recent shots I’ve taken, such as these.

Check out all six new prints at: Write Path Productions Prints .

Artifact Razor Closeup Sep3 5-15-19.jpg
Artifact Series Sugar Bowl Smile 3SY 5-14-19.jpg
Moment Series-- Hope against Hope2P  12-08-18.jpg

Announcing: Particle! First Poem Share: "Spun out: We Can't Always See around Corners"

Super excited to announce one of the literary/artistic projects I've been working on since winter.

I'm writing a book of illustrated poetry, entitled Particle, and I'll be sharing exclusive excerpts of poems from time to time.

Thrilled to get to collaborate with talented visual artist/illustrator/poet extraordinaire @annabelle_fern , who is a dream to work with and brought all of the illustrations to glorious life; can't wait to see her next visual magic!

For commissions and to check out more of her amazing artistry: @annabelle_fern .

PARTICLE illustrated spunout_2 (1) w name 6-20-19 to post.jpg