Photography for Writers-- Holding the First Print Copy :)

Super excited for my next book, Photography for Writers, which will be published this November. Stay tuned!

That holding the first author copy feeling! 💕🔥📝📷😭😍💡

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Article Published Today at createwritenow :)

Thrilled to announce that my article, “3 Tips for a New-Year, New-You Journal at Any Time of Year,” was featured today at the createwritenow blog. Check it out for some writing inspiration.

While you’re there, please peruse Mari McCarthy’s motivating Journaling Power book (I’ve read it and found it super helpful on my own writing journey) along with her inspiring courses and authentic mentoring, guaranteed to kick-start your 2019 to new levels of awesomeness.

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"Raising the Stakes in Flash Fiction" Published

The fine artistic folks at Nunum just published another of my craft articles! Check it out: "Raising the Stakes in Flash Fiction." 


They also feature great work & interviews with visual artists, such as Jon Fox, other articles about flash fiction (such as this one by Amie E. Reilly: "So What if You Don't Get Anywhere in a Flash"), as well as writing submission interviews (such as with literary luminaries Duotrope) answering the insightful questions: "How much do you want to know about the person submitting to you? and "If you publish writing, how much of a piece do you read before making the decision to reject it?"


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Image by: Andreas Fidler,

My Photos at Nunum

I'm very pleased to announce that three of my photos appeared at Nunum's blog and Instagram this week, along with this insightful description of my photos: 

"Melanie Faith's photography captures the complex beauty displayed through the transitory play of light through the spaces in which we most often find ourselves alone with ourselves."

They also kindly made a mention of my book, In a Flash, and its release! 

Check out more of Nunum's awesome flash fiction and art and consider submitting! 

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