Photography in The Sunshine Review

I'm pleased to have a photograph, "Profusion in Pink Glo," featured at The Sunshine Review, which released today. 


A few fun words about my creative process: 

After cutting stems, I submerged several red garden roses in a see-through Pyrex bowl of water. Then, I froze them for three weeks in a deep-freeze. On a sunny day, I resurrected them from the freezer and took them outside onto a rock ledge to snap at various angles. My favorite views were halfway through the bowl's curving lip, showing under the water as well as above it as the ice floes melted (as in this shot). I used a retro filter via the Nik Collection with Photoshop to attain the dusky hues. 


Enjoy my photo, paired with a cool short story by writer Kathleen Rollins. 



Crave Series--ProfusioninPink Glo.jpg