"The Impact" Published at Lost River :)

I'm thrilled to announce that my short story, "The Impact," was published in the Fall 2017 issue of Lost River. Check out page 46 to read, like, and share the entire work. Here's a teaser to enjoy:


“Put down your phone. It’s Listen Time, Dad.” Her green eyes twinkle.


You have to chuckle when your kid parrots you back to you. Molly’s a good kid. Gets good grades—better than I ever did, does the drama club thing, has a part-time job at Fancy Feet. The eyebrow ring I’m not so fond of, but I got a Hammer Time tattoo at sixteen, so it could be worse. Far worse. Like that dude who drops by and sits on the porch, waiting like a puppy for her return. Even if I’m sitting there.


I chuck my phone into the cup holder. “Ok, Molls. What’s up?” I grin, “Let me guess: you broke up with Kadence.”


Molly rolls her eyes. Pretty and green, like Sarah’s always were. Still are. Still are, I think with a sigh.


“No, I am not breaking up with Kadence.”


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Photo by: Andrew Worley


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