Photography Publications

Nunum Blog, three photos, middle of April 2018.

Orson's Review, Issue One, one of four featured photographers, 7 photos (still-life, architectural, nature), and a coordinating artist interview at Orson's Publishing Blog, March 20, 2018

The Wire's Dream Magazine, 8 photos, from "Places" and "Remember" Series, Spring 2018.

Colloquial Poetry Review, "Latch 3," paired with a poem by Jeffrey Zable, September 19, 2017

Brain Mill Press, winner of the Mineral Point Photography Call, cover art, announced July 2017,
color photograph, “Set To Strike — Orange Peel Snake” to be featured on Christine Brandel’s A
Wife Is a Hope Chest

Minute Magazine, (3 color photos, published July 2017)

Door is a Jar Magazine, 3 photos, color and black-and- white, “Form and Shadow—Magnolias,”
“Unzipped,” and “Renascence 2,” July 2017

Chantwood Magazine, May 2017, Issue 8, cover photo: "Rustic: Red Lantern before

OVS Magazine, Winter 2017, black-and- white cover photo of scales, “Altezza E Peso Per Uomini
E Donne,” 

Shopping after the Apocalypse, Jessie Carty’s 8th poetry collection, published by Dancing Girl
Press & Studio, color cover photograph of snowman sign in brown leaves

Peacock Journal, “Tools of the Trade” Series (six color photographs), November 2016

Birmingham Arts Journal, color still-life photo, “Friday with Dots and Glass," Volume 13, Issue
1, page 4

Cargo Literary Journal, “Domestic Whirlwind” Series, 9 color photos, still-life and
landscape/nature, June 2016

Sandy River Review; fall 2015; “Hello There;” color photo of Italian wooden Pinocchio, Pony Cup,
and yard; page 2; 

Foliate Oak, “Dazed Spring,” December 2013, color nature photo,

Aldrich Press, To Waken is to Begin, Melanie Faith, poetry cover image of sunflowers and bee, 2012

Up the Staircase Quarterly, color cover photo, issue 15, 2011

Referential Magazine, “Retro Farm Family,” Kitsch/child’s toy color photo, March 2010

Referential Magazine, “Scrollwork Piano, Circa 1890s,” color photo, March 2010