I'm thrilled to share my love for the written word and inspiration with fellow authors. As a creative writing teacher for twenty years and a writer for longer than that, I have a passion both for writing and facilitating the learning and inspiration process. 

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Upcoming Classes for Fall 2019! 

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  • Food Writing for Fun and Profit: Blogs, Restaurant Reviews, Recipes, Fiction, Memoir, and More by Melanie Faith



    START DATE: Friday, September 13, 2019


    DURATION: 5 weeks



    Famed epicure James Beard once wrote, “Food is our common ground, a universal experience.”  In this five-week course, we will explore the wide and exciting range of food-themed genres.  Via the instructional text, Will Write for Food, 3rd edition by Dianne Jacob, students will find inspiration for their own weekly writing assignments. In addition, students will read food writing from some of the top journalists and food bloggers in the industry in Best Food Writing 2017, edited by Holly Hughes. Each week, students will submit a prose assignment based on an exercise from our class text for constructive and supportive instructor feedback. A variety of writing prompts and tips, both in the texts and at the private class group, will be provided.  Topics covered will include: What, Exactly, is Food Writing?, Get Published with a Food Blog, Becoming a Successful Freelance Food Writer, How to Come Up with Story Ideas, Secrets of Restaurant Reviewing, The Art of Recipe Writing, The Cookbook You’ve Always Wanted to Write, Three Ways to Make Decent Money from Food Writing, and Memoir and Nonfiction Food Writing. Join us for this cuisine-filled course!  

  • In a Flash: Writing & Publishing Dynamic Flash Prose Workshop with Melanie Faith


    START DATE: Friday, October 25, 2019


    DURATION: 5 weeks        


    COURSE DESCRIPTION:                

    Flash is a dynamic, fun genre that more and more editors seek. Both flash fiction and flash nonfiction share many of the same qualities, from characterization and setting to conflict and dialog. In this five-week workshop, we’ll explore this eclectic art form and everything you’ll need to have a lively flash-writing practice, from where to get ideas and drafting to editing and submitting your work. We’ll discuss practical tips and techniques along with inspiring exercises from our text, In a Flash!, by Melanie Faith. Students will submit drafts weekly for constructive and supportive instructor feedback. There will be a private group for students to discuss the literary life and for sharing of literary resources, such as markets and quotations about the writing process. Topics covered will include:Begin Where You are; To ‘I’ or Not to ‘I?;’ Quotation Power!; “Flash,” You Say? Four Tips for Compressed Dialogue; Villains and Vamps: Crafting Realistic Antagonists; Writing Private People; The Big Cs; Snapback: Incorporating Details of Era and Setting; I See You: The Value of (Re)Connection; Spark, Spark, Light! The Inciting Incident & You; Mixed-Emotion Station; Descriptive Ruts; Attributes: Adventures in Style and Syntax; Idiomatic Time Travel and All that Jazz; The Advocate: Personality Types and Your Protagonist; The Whiplash Compliment; FOMO: Fear of Missing out & Your Characters; Tight-Roping: Balancing Self-Revelations with Self-Protection;Joy Bombs:How to Write Happy without Turning Your Reader against You; Playing Genre Ping-Pong; The Strategically-Shattered Plate; Dynamic Settings on the Skinny; The Too Timid and Tame; Plucking Posies from a Flash Bouquet: Submission Tips, and much more.

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My new craft book In a Flash is available now in print AND e-book formats. 


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This Passing Fever, a collection of historical poems set in 1918, has just been published by FutureCycle Press.

  • If you'd like a signed copy, I'd be happy to do so! Contact me first with your address at: writer@pa.net.

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  • For unsigned copies of This Passing Fever .

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If sweet Regency, a la Jane Austen, is your thing, have I got the book for you!

Check out: Her Humble Admirer , a pet project under my pen name.

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