My Photos at Nunum

I'm very pleased to announce that three of my photos appeared at Nunum's blog and Instagram this week, along with this insightful description of my photos: 

"Melanie Faith's photography captures the complex beauty displayed through the transitory play of light through the spaces in which we most often find ourselves alone with ourselves."

They also kindly made a mention of my book, In a Flash, and its release! 

Check out more of Nunum's awesome flash fiction and art and consider submitting! 

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Need Writing Prompts? I've Got 'em!

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of being asked by my awesome WOW! editors (special shout-out to Ang) to participate in a directory for fiction writers by writing some fun prompts. 

If you're hankering for some thematic prompts, take these for a test drive in a draft today. Feel free to share them with your writing groups, friends, and/or students as well. Enjoy! I'd love to hear updates if any of the prompts inspire new stories or new scenes in your current WIP. :) 

Talent Show

Funny Drive

3-2-1 Gone

Word Salad



For the full directory of more than 100 prompts: Reedsy .




"The Project"

I'm pleased to announce a flash fiction of mine was published this week at Typishly, a stylish and innovative literary venue. 

Care for a teaser? Here you go:

"The photo shows a man, neither tall nor short, neither stout nor thin, in a pale blue button-up shirt. He is somewhat younger than middle-aged, but based on the receding hair line and gray at his temples and in his goatee, not that much younger. His tie is perfectly straight, but his eyes are half-closed. The silver top of a small belt buckle on his trousers glints. Because of the sun, there’s a reflection of the man’s face in the glass, like he’s staring at his doppelganger, or looking into his future self with a serious expression. A cleaned-off mahogany table beside him. On the walls behind him, some kind of wooden, built-in cupboard, doors closed. In his hands: a pink-and-blue vase."

Read the rest at:  Typishly  


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