My Nature Photo Published Today at Fourth & Sycamore :)

Thrilled that another photo from my In the Green series appears at Fourth & Sycamore today.

I took this photo during a very fun afternoon walk with the darling nieces and my marvelous sister while visiting Missouri.

The flower was taller than yours truly, which caught my attention. The dancing sunlight on the petals and path also appealed to me.

Fourth&Sycamore submission--In the Green Series--Petals in Kewpie Glade.jpg

November News: Poetry and Photos Published :)

New month, new publication news! As the leaves do their twirl-dance from treetops, I have some new work dropping as well.

The Australian journal, Meniscus, is featuring a poem in their current (volume 6.2) issue.

Also, six of my photos were published in the current issue (issue 5) of And So Yeah literary magazine.

Found Poem Nixa Walk bright.jpg

My Photographs Published in The Borfski Press, Issue III: Winter 2017

Three photos from my Crave Series were published in the latest edition of The Borfski Press, a full-color, glossy, gorgeous magazine of photography, poetry, and prose. 

For more about The Borfski Press or to order a PDF copy for a few dollars.

My three photos are food themed. Here's a sneak peak. This photo is entitled: "Streaming." My photos are on pages 45-47, but the entire magazine is inspiring and lovely.


Crave Series-- Streaming1.jpg